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Thread: Changing LP???

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    Default Changing LP???

    Right looks like AF is going to visit today - and according to FF i am only 12dpo - giving me a LP of all of 11 days - which obviously is not so good. Usually i have 14 day LP as far as i can tell - but last one was 13 adn this one 11 what is going on? I am on Clomid and have PCOS and Endo - can any of these affect the LP length

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    My LP has changed too. My last cycle it was only 10 days long. In a 30 day cycle! And before that my LP was 13 days (in a 36 day cycle).

    My cycle length has changed due to taking Vitex (I think). But I'm a bit concerned about my LP being so short.

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    Mine has been changing since coming off the pill too. It goes between 15 and 12.

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