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    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to charting, so i don't know if i really expected to be able to do it well the first time (and after my first period post DS, as i heard they can be a little unpredictable, but i did have EWCM b4 i got my period).

    Anyway, if somebody could check it out that would be great.

    With the temping, i was terrible at doing it the same time every day, oh, and does it have to be in the morning first thing? Some were after DS went down for his 10am nap, others were last thing at night b4 i went to bed

    I just didn't get a huge temp shift for O which i thought you got?

    But the OPK i did, the last 2 were actually a faint line (i marked them as neg as there was no faint option), and then i ran out and couldn't do more these last 2 days, so not sure when i was O or not. I had EWCM, but the tests weren't so positive about me Oing then.

    Did have cramps on Sat, which i normally have when i O

    Oh, and another qn, - how normal is it to not O on CD14? Just i got preg with DS about 20 days after my LMP, my obs said it might have been b/c i had just come off the pill and got preg straight away, but from the looks of this chart i don't O at day 14 anyway?

    Thanks everyone!


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    Kirsty77 Guest


    With temping you have to take it as soon as you wake in the morning before you get up for it to be accurate. Its hard when you have other kids as I was always up and down with Gemma. Sometimes you can get a temp shift when you ovulate. I found my temp would drop slightly.

    With OPK's 2 faint lines means your body is building up to ovulation. I only ever got an actual positive the once, with Jasmine. Even then it means you'll ovulate in the next 24 or so hours. The EWCM and cramps are your best indicator that you probably ovulated sat/mon/tues(today). I'd say monday.

    Everyone o's on a different day, not everyone o's on say day 12. With both times I got pregnant I ovulated quite late. With Gemma it was like day 20 and with Jasmine my cycles were 7 weeks long!!

    Goodluck.......... I always found it all so confusing!LOL

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    clare076 Guest


    Hi Yael

    I suggest you start by doing the free charting course fertility friend offer. They send you one part each day through to your email. It will help you understand charting a bit better.
    I will try answering your questions for you.

    Firstly you ned to chart at roughly the same time everyday, before you get out of bed. I usually take my temp at 6am as I know Shelby will wake up anywhere between 6 and 7. It is very important you take your temp before doing any activty or eating/drinking as you want your basal body temp. You may find that you might have difficulty taking your temp at the same time each day with another young un, but as long a you have had at least 3 hours of solid sleep you will be fine.

    So, if you normally take your temp at 6am and bubs wakes at 4.30 for a feed and you know you wont get another 3 hours sleep, take your temp then. Hopefully I have explained that simply.

    You will probably find that because your temps weren't taken regularly at the same time, you wouldn't get such an obvious thermal shift, in all honesty I can't say I can see ovulation on your chart.

    It is also possible to get several patches of EWCM during your cycle, sometimes you can get it several days after ovulation. It is also possible to get fertile cervical mucous and still not ovulate. As far as OPK's go, you ned to take one everyday until you get a positive, being the test line is as dark or darker than the control line. A faint line is a negative that's why there is no option for faint on FF.

    Umm, have I answered l your questions??? If you need anymore help, please ask away I will try and answer what I can and hopefully others can help as well.

    All the best

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