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Thread: charting after weaning

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    Hi muma's I am new here just been having a lurk.
    Just wondering I have just stopped breastfeeding my son, on the 1st July was his last feed. I have not had a period since he was I start day one cycle from the first? What are the chances of ovulation before menstruation? I have never had any real fertility problems (we have 4 kiddo's) but I have never breastfed this long unsure when I would expect a visit from AF?? Any help would be great! Thanks

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    anyone? please?

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    Hello stranger

    Ovulation before menstruation is almost 100% guaranteed. As to when that will happen, only your body knows. Could be this week, could be next year, as on some occasions women find their period does not return for an extended period of time.

    It's a tough one!!!

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    Default MI gloomier

    Thank you my friend I have already hassled you with this I know lol. I am really a tad worried as I thought she would be back by now... Ahhh hopefully soon I thought once I had weaned my normal cycle would return

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    I'm in the same af since dd was born. I think some people have higher levels of prolactin than others.

    It's only been a few days since you stopped feeding, so you may need give it some time. You could still chart though by checking temp and cm to try and identify ovulation...maybe make your own observations until you can see a patter. I know some fertility sites want last period date, but there's no harm in trying to chart.

    Good luck!

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    There's a thread in ttc buddies for those bf. Might be helpful to post there too. You will o before your next af. I would start charting now and you might catch it. Gl

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    I just wanted to say g'day - stranger

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