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Thread: charting - overheating question

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    Default charting - overheating question

    I've only been charting for this cycle so it's all new to me and have a question.

    I woke this morning absolutely boiling hot as my DF had left the heating on all night & I was roasting under the covers. I took my temp and it was 36.4 but when I took it 5 minutes later (after throwing the covers off to cool down) I was 36.1. I've been sitting on 36.1 for a few days and am on CD9.

    Should I use the first temp even though I am sure it was caused by the overheating or should I go with the second one? My MB is showing partial ferning so I think I am only just entering my fertile phase which would make the jump in temp this early seem wrong.

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    Satya, I'd stick with the first temperature anyway.

    Charting isn't greatly dependant on an individual temperature, it's about the patterns that appear over time so one temperature that's a little different to the others around it isn't going to change things too much.

    If it's just a spike due to the overheating, then your temp should be back to normal the following day.


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