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Thread: charting and timing

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    Default charting and timing

    Hi There,

    Just wondering if anyone knew how long it takes to get to the egg.

    The reason I ask, is because FF is saying that I O'd on day 16 and we BD on day 17. Does this still mean that we're still in the race or is does our hopless timing leave us with no chance this month?

    Also, last month I O'd on day 40 and this month was day 16. Does anyone have any explinations or advise on this???


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    Unfortunately many of us have irregular cycles. It is frustrating to say the least. Mine can be anywhere from 28 - 40 days.

    If you look out for the stretchy EWCM then you have the best chance of falling PG as it the most sperm friendly and occurs due to ovulation. BDing the day after you O can still work depending on the time of day you actually O'd.

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    Thanks for your help ladies.

    Your right it is frustrating being irregular and I don't experience EWCM to boot, so it's a bit of hit and miss with trying to predict my ovulation day.

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