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Thread: Charts after the BCP

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    Default Charts after the BCP

    Another question about coming off the pill...

    I am in my 3rd cycle after coming off the BCP and have only started charting this cycle - mainly because I suspect I didn't O last cycle.

    I have had temps all over the place, no noticible EWCM, and all OPK's have been negative. Its not looking great, so I am wondering if anyone else had horrid looking charts after the pill for a while.

    Doctors all seem to say it will take 6-24 months (!!) to conceive after the BCP, but does anyone know exactly WHY? Is it because we stop ovulating, or is it just a hormonal build-up that can prevent conception?

    So confuzzled! And DH says not to worry because I have only recently come off the pill - but I didn't think that should mean I don't ovulate at all...
    I plan to go to my GP and get a reference for a fertility specialist if this keeps up, but I know if I went now I would probably just be advised to give it more time. So any imput from those who charted after the BCP (or who know whether I should be concerned about my lack of O symptoms after the BCP) would be highly appreciated!!

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    I am not sure why it takes some women a while to start ovulating after being on the BCP?
    And on the other hand some people get pregnant the first month after being off it!

    You could always go to your DR and ask for a blood test to check hormone levels?


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    Well I have had experience in this area - I went off BCP in June last year and am YET to have AF!
    In my case the Dr said I wasn't ovulating due to not producing enough FSH - and that being in the pill for so long (9 years) camoflagued any issues I had. So it would seem in my case that it was not because of the pill that AF hadn't returned. My gyno said that any effect of the pill would wear off after a couple of months.
    If I was you I would get it looked into if you went for say 4 months post BCP and no AF.
    I've ended up trying a more natural method, naturopath and acupuncture, to try and get my cycles to return. After 4 weeks of acupuncture, I *think* I O'd last week (had what I think was O pains) and am therefore *expecting* AF early next week... got really really really sore bbs (actually found a lump in one and went to Dr as I freaked out a bit - but it's most likely just the normal swelling/soreness/glandular stuff associated with right before AF). So all my fingers and toes are crossed for next week!! I've been temping but it's kinda all over the place too.

    Not sure if this rambling is of any help - but basically just know that you're not alone, that not everyone comes off BCP and gets their cycles normal straight away - and there's nothing wrong with wanting to investigate it further without waiting for like a year or more!! If you want it looked into, your Dr should help you when you ask for it. good luck!

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    for you that the acupuncture worked - I have heard good things about acupuncture and fertility.

    Thanks for explaining that - it makes sense that the pill would hide some issues that we may have unknowingly had for years which only then seem to appear when we TTC. I will look for a good doctor (I don't have a regular one - never get sick!) and look into it if things don't work them selves out after another cycle. I have been getting AF but just no ovultion signs (from OPKs, temps, CP, CM).

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    How are you going Mum2Furbabies? Did AF arrive yet? Just looking through old threads and found this one... i'm starting to chart my cycles now since coming off BCP's in March, so yeah 3rd cycle for me... i got AF at 48CD.. after pill though so i guess it wasnt too long of a wait

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    M2F I had a horrible time coming off bcp - so much so that I never went on it again, and just used natural methods since then for birth control.

    My cycles were all over the place, I ovulated but didn't have the right CM, cycle lengths were all over the place (56, 44, 32 days etc).

    My last cycle off bcp (when I conceived DS) I took Evening Primrose Oil for the first 14 days to increase EWCM and also took Vitex, it's supposed to help regulate your hormones.

    good luck!

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    yeah Sally I reckon BCP's are very evil... i went off them in March this year after 9yrs of being on them pretty much non-stop and i got AF CD48 and then CD30 then CD33 (now) so not too bad i guess... and i took Vitex Agnus Castus tablets they helped too..... i am a big believer in those tablets.
    i dont think i'll ever go back on BCP's... once we have our kids, probably DF will get the snip!

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