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Thread: Cheat forcasting on ff, temp time & illness.

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    Question Cheat forcasting on ff, temp time & illness.

    Hi all,

    Just a charting question for your consideration.

    I am pretty sure I O'd on cd 15 (18th april)
    Last night (19th april) was my birthday and I was taken out for a beautiful dinner but by 12.30am I was quite sick cramps and the runs. I was up again at 2am, stuck to the loo for an hour so I had a bit of a lousy sleep all up. I ate something that either didn't agree with me or it was off I guess. Such a pain!
    Anyway, I took my temp at 6.30am as usual and it was a big jump to 36.84 the day before was 36.63.
    I took the morning off and went back to sleep. At 9.30am after a couple more hours sleep I took it again and it read 36.68.

    Which should I record? I was sick and a bit hot & feverish when I took the first temp.

    Out of curiosity I went ahead on my fertility friend chart and entered some possible temps for the next two days and because of the high temp this morning it has put my O day as CD 16, yesterday. If I put in the slightly lower 9.30am temp it said i o'd on CD 15 (which I hope it was due to BD timing)

    Complicated question I know. I hope it makes sense to someone out there.
    thanks, sassba
    me 37 & dh 37
    ttc (seriuosly) since 0ctober 2006.

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    I am not really sure what to suggest for you...
    Let me share my experience, you cant cheat your chart. No matter how good it might look with the adjusting and stuff, it does not make it real IYKWIM. (I have been know to try this out... )
    I would just enter the temp taken after the most consistent period of sleep (did you get in 3 hrs and any stage before temping...) and make some notes to remind yourself what happened. I am a terrible sleeper, and I temp a couple of times in the night sometimes, and I just enter the one after 3 hrs sleep... seems to get a pattern for me. Did you use OPK's or another means of checking your O day. I find they help too in pinpointing O if I am having sleeping problems.
    Good luck and hope you are feeling better soon.

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    Wink i know it's silly

    Hi Rufalina,

    I know it sound silly. I dont really "cheat" it's more like propose different outcomes to get a possible forcast. So I might add todays temp and add two more consectutive days that are a little higher and see what FF gives me as a coverline. I always do it once I see a change happening midcycle. It just means that first thing when I look at the thermometre I kinda know what I need to see.

    You know what TTW is like, it can drive you nuts!

    I think I had almost three hours both temps, the first was closer to usual temp time but I just wonder if my bad tummy might have given me a slight temp rise.

    I think I'll put in the lower 9.30am reading. Still interested in any other theories out there.

    ta, sassba

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    On that basis, I rekon the later temp is fine then.
    I use the OPK's so i dont have to worry too much about the temps due to my useless sleeping habits.
    Good luck hun!!!

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    Default opk';s

    Hi Ruf,
    Yes I think the later is ok. In the end I have got th O day I wanted anyway. I just entered todays temp and it says I o'd day 15 (yey!)

    I do use opk's but not with very good results, I never get a true positive instead I get a strong second line fore two days. I never know to trust it completely but it usually lines up with other signs and charting so it must be just the way I am.
    I usually O on the second day of those lines thats why I was a bit confused as it looked like it would be 4 days after the first strong line, too much of a delay, the way it turned out i O'd on the third days after the first strong line, if that makes sense.

    We are going away tomorrow and will be away for all of the ttw, no computer so I'll just have to relax and try not to think about it.
    thanks for your advice.


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