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Thread: Confusing chart need HELP!!!

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    Default Confusing chart need HELP!!!

    I had a miscarriage in Dec i had the d and c on 22nd Dec. It will be 9 weeks this Friday i am yet to have a full on period i have had spotting and things... I know my chart looks confusing but i stopped temping because i thought i had oed on Friday 2nd Feb and didnt want to put the pressure on myself to keep temping... I had spotting the following Fri but then nothing checked my temps and they had dropped and by cm i was back to start of cycle.. I believe i oed in the last 2 days or so cm started to turn creamy late last night and is creamy today... So hard to know what is happening but can someone have a look anyway..

    Thanks heaps girls just need some advice..

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    Hi Jane, I think you might only be ovulating now. Your hormones have been taking a while to settle down by the look of your temperatures. Good luck!!! Might be worth while trying some OPKs as well as monitoring your temperatures and CM. Thinking of you!!

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    Yep I'm thinking you're probably ovulating now too.

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    I think you either O'd on CD27, or about to in the next day or so. I hope you have been bding, if not definately get jiggy with it tonight!

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    Yeah i was thinking day 27 too.. Oh well wait and see what happens in the next 2 days and if i get a coverline... Thanks girls..

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