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Thread: Cycle changes-what does that mean?

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    Default Cycle changes-what does that mean?

    Hello all,

    I hope someone can help me. I have always been like clockwork on a 28 day cycle adn ovulated at around day 14/15, since we have been trying for baby # 2 I have noticed that my cycles have changed to 31 days instead.
    Does this mean that my O date is not at 14 days? (which could explain why were not pregnant yet as we have been trying for 5 cycles)
    Do I always count my cycle days from the day I get AF ?
    What could be the causes for my cycles to change to 31 days?

    Im really confused and I thought I new my body, but now I dont even know when I ovulate anymore. Does ovulation pains happen the same time as ovulation? or does it occur a couple of days later?

    Hope someone can help

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    beastie Guest


    christine, your o date is about 14 days before your menstruation comes.
    when you have a 31 day cycle its around the 17th day

    cycles can change, dont worry if its steady
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    Yes cycles can definately change! I'm also discovering that now that i'm TTC #2 as well - this month i didn't o until CD 26 :eek: If u r really unsure it may help if u chart ur temp for a couple of months just to get an idea of what's going on. Wishing u all the best and hope u get a really soon

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