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Thread: do I bother charting?

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    Question do I bother charting?

    We're going to be harvesting in the next few months. So I'm wondering if I even need to bother charting my cycle, I pretty much know when I'm due for AF to visit so I only need to make sure I've got the drugs/hormones prior to that.

    We're going thru ivf (only to embryo stage at this point and freezing them for use later) as DH has had the snip and the reversal success rates aren't that crash hot and I'd really rather he not go thru that much pain when he can get a needle stuck in and the swimmers taken out (woot I get to watch!).

    So do I need to chart?

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    nah I wouldn't bother if I were you, especially if your cycles are regular and you know when AF is due. Once you start the harvesting cycle, the IVF team will be doing the most scientific monitoring of your cycle possible

    Good Luck!

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    Personally, I think it is a good idea. One thing I have learned from charting is that even if I am sure I have ovulated, it doesn't necessarily mean that I have. The only sure sign that you have ovulated is a) blood work b) a sustained thermal shift in your temperatures and c) pregnancy.

    I would think it even more important to know exactly when you are ovulating when doing IVF so as to be able to harvest the eggies at the right time?? Not that I know much about it of course!


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    Sorry PMSL at the moment as when i read the first sentence , the first thing i thought of is harvesting as in big tractor crops! not harvesting eggies

    If you have the time and effort to chart then do it because who knows you body might just throw in an odd cycle for fun! not. Im not sure what IVF involves.

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