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Thread: Do I need a Basal thermometre?

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    Default Do I need a Basal thermometre?


    I am just starting to chart my cycle and was wondering if I need a BBT thermometre. I bought a normal one that just goes to one decimal place. Will this be enough? Thanks!

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    Im not sure where you live, i have two and really dont need them at all (due to using IVF) im happy to post you one of mine?

    I should add i only use my oral! lol and i clean it after every time with a alchole swab and the container!

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    I charted with a normal one from the chemist and I had no trouble pinpointing ovulation with the fertility friend site.

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    When I first starting temping I just used a normal, one decimal thermometre, which eventually broke. I bought a BBT one, and the difference is really surprising.

    I would definitely recommend the BBT one if you can get your hands on one!!

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    Thanks so much Loula, wishing you luck with your IVF. How is it going?
    I'm very impatient lol and have decided to buy one after reading these posts! I am going to pick up preseed from the chemist anyway and while I'm there will get a BBT thermometre

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