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    mooshie Guest

    Default do you think ...........

    i have already ovulated????

    sorry everyone, i seem to do a post here each month wanting some help with my chart lol

    here i am at day 15 thinking this is usually the time i ovulate between day 13 and 17 and i haven't had any signs of ovulation in regards to cm. i did however have signs earlier in the week, currently i am thinking i may of ovulated around day 10 but am not sure yet, and i haven't got a coverline from ff - i have even put in some high temps for the next few days mucking around and still no coverline.

    so i am confused, i am kicking myself i didn't get anymore opk's for this cycle grrr, last cycle i am 95% sure i didn't ovulate, it was also a long cycle for me (32 days) usually i am between 25 and 28 days, i also had a very very light af, so that is why i am thinking ovulation didn't occur last month.

    i am a bit confused and was wondering for all you chart experts out there to help me out here and give a bit of advise.

    the link is my ticker


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    I'm thinking maybe CD11 Michelle....

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    I'm with Sarah on CD 11.

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    Ditto....from the info there, I would say 11 too.

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    Well, I'd say possibly CD11 or 12 and that the problem with your CLs is that you don't have enough information before the dip for it to be sure. Have you tried fudging in some temps before that dip to see if it helps??


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    mooshie Guest


    thanks girls

    lisa thank you, i fudged in some temps before the dip and look i now have a coverline and ovulation day of 11 - so i am happy pmsl. like a software program is going to get me preg, i swear some days i just really read tooooooooooooo much into ff.

    anyways i am leaving it as is and now i am 5 dpo and well and truly in the tww i can amuse myself with all of my "symptoms" lol

    thanks again girls - charting champs

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