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Thread: DPO on a FET cycle???????

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    Default DPO on a FET cycle???????

    Hi Girls

    I am doing a medicated FET cycle at the moment. I am currently on synarel to suppress my hormones and progynova to build up my lining. I have a u/s tomorrow and if my lining is thick enough then I will start taking prog pessaries from Friday and have 2 blasties transferred on Tuesday. So should Friday be 1dpo ????????????



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    That sounds about right, Jade! Though I usually use DPT (days post transfer) when undergoing Assisted Conception. This is because you may find with a blast transfer, HCG levels in any resulting pregnancies usually shows up lower! They say that the earliest you may get a reading on a HPT with a blast transfer is 9dpt, which is 14dpo anyway!

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    Hey matey, sorry I can't help you with your question. I just wanted to say I wish you all the best with the FET. I will keep everything crossed for you.

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