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Thread: ewmc Cd 21....pregnant?

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    Default ewmc Cd 21....pregnant?

    Hi All,

    I just had a major freak out when I saw very clear slippery stretchy mc this morning! I am on day 21, think I o'D on cd15 so I think I am 6dpo, fertility friend agrees, almost pos Opk's on CD14+15 agree.
    What do you think? Could I be o'ing now or does this happen to others? I think have seen patches of fertile mc after O before but not as clear and slippery, usually dryer if you know what I mean. I feel pretty positive about preg chances this month, could this be an early sign or would that be a bit of a reach?

    Any opinions would be great.


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    BD tonight (or ASAP) JIC you are Oing now to cover all bases. Good luck

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    It's actually possible to O more than once! (hence why the rhythm method can fail LOL)

    I have heard some people have an increase in CM when they're pregnant, but I think so many pg symptoms are similar to normal cycle things, that we cling to everything as a pg sign. hehe.

    Good luck tho! and I agree - keep BDing just in case!

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    Default I wish

    Thanks Sammi-j, Unfortunatley my DH had surgery on monday and will not be up for it. I just really hope I O'd 6 days ago!! Fertility friend has now changed my coverline to a broken line.
    Not much I can do I suppose.

    thanks again, sassba

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    It would have changed it to a broken line cause you have indicated fertile sings after it gave the earlier solid line. That happend to me last month. I would BD if you could JIC too.
    Good luck!!!

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