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    hi hows i going. this is my first time and just makin my self known. i am a 22 yr old mum who just got married. we are now trying for our second child. i am so excited but a bit nervous as we have been trying for 3 months and nothing yet. is it normal to take this long (our first was a surprise). ](*,)

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    Welcome to bellbelly.

    Goodluck TTC.

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    hello milney.It is quite normal to not have fallen preganant yet.Have a look in the TTC forums and you can talk to others in the same boat.I took 4 months for my first child and i am trying for the second.I charted with my first child and i think 4 months is not really a long time to fall pregnant but that is just my opinion.My SIL took 3 yrs and that is long! You will find alot of helpful people on this website.

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    Welcome milney! It is quite normal not to have conceived after three months. I am currently on my 10th month of actively TTC and apparently it takes most couples an average of 12 months to get their BFP.
    Come and join us in the TTC Buddies thread where I am sure you will find lots of info and people in the same boat!
    Fingers crossed for you that you get your BFP soon!

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