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Thread: help!! ff advice needed asap

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    Question help!! ff advice needed asap

    ok so i woke up this morning with a slight temp drop and i nearly cried, i thought to myself ok well its all over again probobly not so nicely but i get the idea... i went on to ff to register my temp and when i went to my home page i found that ff had moved my temp line and its dotted now too why did ff do this? do i still have a shot at being pregnant? i am really really confused please help...

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    Where did FF have your solid coverline? The reason FF would have changed it is because its unsure of you O'd. I still think that it is early days and hopefully over the next few days with some more temps in, should be able to give a clear idea of whats going on.

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    well thanks anyway but af arrived this afternoon... waaaaaaaaa its all over again

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