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Thread: How much do you find time difference affects temps?

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    Default How much do you find time difference affects temps?

    I am wondering how much people find taking their temp at a different time affects their temps. For example, taking it an hour earlier or later due to circumstances?

    My DS woke me an hour early this morning and am wondering what my temp could be if taken on waking at the usual time.

    I took it at 5am and it was only 36.85, but I've taken it now at the usual time (admittedly after I've already got up, but I haven't moved around a lot) and it's 37.1. Should I average them out? Can I use the 2nd one?
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    Just stick with the first one. If you've been up and doing stuff, there's going to be a lot of things affecting your second temperature that wouldn't normally be a huge factor. If it really worries you, it's possible to adjust the temperature, but I think only VIP members can do that. I'm happy to do that for you, I would just need the temperature, the time it was taken, and the time you usually wake up.


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    That's weird - my whole last post vanished!

    Thanks - I forgot about adjusting the time - I have still got VIP so I fixed it, it made my temp 36.96 (I didn't give it the later temp, just the temp and the usual time).

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    Hi Sally,

    I did my temp an hour early this morning and got 36.8 where yesterday it was 36.9

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