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Thread: How and where do I start?

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    Default How and where do I start?

    Good Morning Ladies. I just started temping this morning. I am using a regular digital therm and it seems to work OK. My question is what day would this be considered? Let me explain my situation a little because it's kind of complex. I had my last Depo shot in June 2004 and I still have not gotten AF back. Last month my Gyno put me on BCPs to try and get my cycle to return and to get my body back to normal. I have taken the BCPs for 3 weeks and today is the first day of the placebo pills. I do not think AF is coming this month because I have absolutely NO symptoms. My question is would this still be considered CD1? :-k I also started charting this morning, so I do have data to enter. Any help would be appreciated!

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    It wont be CD 1 till AF arrives.


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    I think you can just do your temps without having a CD. Just put the temp in for that date. CD 1 would be the day your AF arrives.

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