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Thread: How would you chart this *TMI WARNING!!!*

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    Default How would you chart this *TMI WARNING!!!*

    Ok so even though I am not TTC anymore I am still charting for my own knowledge of cycles.. My cycles have been around the 33 day mark and fairly regular for the past few months after a lot of problems with constant bleeding..

    Anyway, 2 cycles back I had some brown discharge which I charted as spotting and it only lasted 3 days starting on day 17.. The cycle after, same again only this time for 5 days starting day 20 then this month, day 19 comes and I get some brown discharge and I think ok, this must be a monthly thing. Then the next day it is REALLY thick and mucousy (sorry TMI) Then I notice it's pink when I wipe so I Chart it as a period and start a new cycle although it's only day 20.. Then yesterday although it's still thick and mucousy, there is no pink, it's just brown and today it's just normal brown and looks like it is going away, so I changed my chart back to the previous cycle and marked it as spotting on day 20 although I did think it was the start of a period.. So, what do you think? Surely it isn't normal.. All the other times I have had brown discharge it has never been so thick, it is like a light period but not red?? I am confused. What do you think.. That's if I even make sense?? Lol

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    They say that day one of your cycle should be the first day of full red flow.

    That said, the timing of the spotting in your cycle makes it seem like it could be ovulation spotting. It's something I've heard of but never experienced so I have no idea if it is something that happens regularly and just how much you would expect to get with it.


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