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Thread: i dont know how to do it

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    Question i dont know how to do it

    hi all i must be a little thinck.

    i dont know how to do this charting thing can someone please help!
    can it be done if you are on the pill?
    i am on the mini pill!

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    Ah, you're not thick at all!

    Basically it's taking your temperature at the same time in the morning before you get out of bed and watching for a 0.2 degree rise to say you've ovulated. As you're on the pill (mini-pill) then you shouldn't ovulate, so your temperature should stay fairly constant. Therefore it won't be much use to you right now - but if you suspect your pill isn't working then it's a way to check, I suppose. Or get into the habit before you go off the pill.

    If you look at fertility friend they have charting courses and stuff like that - there are links on this site to people's charts for you to have a nose at. Fertility Friend also asks you to chart when you have sex and your mucus and things like that to help detect ovulation.

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