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Thread: I have no idea!

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    AuntyLea Guest

    Unhappy I have no idea!

    Hi Girls,

    This is probably a really silly question but I have absolutely no idea when it is I am supposed to ovulate.
    I have been off OCP now for about 6 months with my cycles basically falling into a 28/29 day routine.
    For my past cycles I have felt ovulation and/or noticed changes in my CM, but this cycle I seem to have gotten all mixed up.
    Based on that information when would it be likely that I would ovulate and what days would be best to BD?

    Thanks in advance

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    In an average 28 day cycle, you are most likely to ovulate around day 14.

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    Well...I don't want to argue, but if you are a textbook then you will ovulate on CD14. The reality is that every woman is different and the only way you can be sure you have ovulated is to a) chart your temperatures (this is more reliable than CM etc) b) have bloodwork done to confirm the rise of progesterone and other associated hormones c) have ultrasounds or d) find yourself pregnant.

    Remember too it is possible to have all of the signs and symptoms of ovulation but not actually pop the egg. If you don't already, I would suggest charting your temps might be a more reliable method of keeping track of your O date.


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    clare076 Guest


    If you have regular 28/29 day cycles I would start bding around CD10 and continue everday or every second day until around CD20. I did this when TTC my daughter and it worked first cycle. CD 14 is standard for a 28 day cycle but you may have a longer or shorter luteal phase.

    Temping and OPK's are great, I have also conceived on my first cycle with both these methods, but I also believe it was pure luck. Temping only tells you, you have ovulated after the fact, so may take a few months to figure out when to bd.

    Good luck

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    AuntyLea Guest


    Thanks for your help girls.
    I thought it was around day 14.
    Mumintaz - we are being very relaxed about things at the moment. After a few months of trying if we are not PG we will start to temp.
    Thanks again.

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    Yeah take it easy Aunty Lea just try to bd as much as you can around the middle of your cycle having regular periods is good.. We did it every second day for 12 days the month we fell pg with angel but i have all over the place cycles as different lengths each month plus i also temped that month first month of temping after ttc for 6 mths and nothing...

    Good luck..

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