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    so yesterday and today i have had the flu... a blocked nose and only able to breathe through my mouth while taking my temp.. i figured my illness may effect my bbt a little. however, yesterday's temp was 36.17 and today's was 36.59, taken both at 7am. this almost looked like ovulation changes to me.. however its only CD11 and i usually dont O til CD20.

    have you experienced massive changes in your bbt during illness? is this normal?

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    My temp is usually quite a bit lower when I breathe through my mouth and then you might have started to get a bit of a temp today as well which both ways makes it so much more frustrating I guess just hope for the best but keep DTD if you feel up to it just in case IMO.

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    My temp has been totally wacky this cycle as I have had the flu. I ended up just giving up temping til next cycle.

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