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Thread: Late O - Metformin??

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    Default Late O - Metformin??

    Hi guys,

    getting really confused with this cycle... I have been on Metformin for over a month now and had my first full cycle on it that was 39 days, O'ed on CD25 with a 13 day LP. Was thinking that the next one would be the same or shorter still.

    I am currently at CD29 and have had EWCM for over a week but no temp rise.

    So my question is... Can you O with out temp rise?
    Does EWCM mean you have O'd?

    Here is my chart if you want to look....

    Am I just being impatient?

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    Hi Mel,

    My chart is looking a lot like yours at the moment. I too have had many days of EWCM.

    I am pretty sure that you do have to see the temp rise to prove Ovulation though.

    I am taking Dong Quai (which has vitex in it too) to try to sort my long cycles out. It is meant to take a few months to have an effect so I am just waiting to see what happens.

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    yeah pretty sure that you should have a temp rise babe - but it can be as litle as0.1 so if there are other factors going on then you may not see it - also you shouldn't see ewcm after O - it will dry up so if you are still gettign ewcm then you are still to O - hope that it comes soon sweet pea

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