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Thread: more questions lol

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    Question more questions lol

    lol me again...
    firstly my ff vip trial is going to end in like 8 days or something and i was wondering what features i will be losing and if i should pay for the vip?? depending on what u lose i was thinking that since my predicted fertile period starts tmw and predicted o on the 30th i would wait and see if i got a bfp and then if not possible go for nip what do you guys think?
    also my thermometer just broke is it important to get one the same brand or is it ok to just get any one???
    thanks guys!!!!!

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    clare076 Guest


    I could be completely wrong, but I am sure I had non membership FF to begin, and it is really really basic. It will still tell you predicted fertile window and test date but I am sure you loose all the support and use of forums without the membership.

    As far as your thermometer goes, I wouldn't think it matters what type of thermometer you use, but starting half way through a cycle may affect your temps as each thermometer is usually calibrated slightly different.


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    thanx clare i got a new thermometer i bought one that says it is specifically for predicting ovulation... i hope it dosn't throw out my chart too much cause i have high hopes for this month lol

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    clare076 Guest


    Good to hear you got a new thermometer. Just be aware that it could affect your temps either up or down, and because FF hasn't detected O yet it might effect your chart. I would be bding at least every second day just to make sure I caught that eggie.

    Good luck

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    yeah my new thermometer is a bbt it was $20 in a chemist... the thermometer i was using b4 that was just one i had laying around lol but it did have the 2 decimal points... i am just hoping it dosn't screw up the chart coz i have only just really started to understand charting lol... and as i said previously i have high hopes for this month lol maybe too high... theres always the cm to go of though its just i really wanted the coverline on ff so i could see more accurately how many dpo i was u know?
    i am unsure about the vip thing with ff what exactly am i going to lose when the vip trial ends?

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    clare076 Guest


    When does your vip trial run out? You know you could always make a note of all your temps etc that you have entered on a piece of paper, let the trial run out and see what you get with non vip. If then you want VIP you can join up and re enter all your data.

    Just an idea

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    clare076 Guest


    You know I have just had a look at FF main page and under basic membership you seem to get everything you need. From what they are saying the only thing you dont get is the assistance from mods if you have any questions. But then someone can always help you here.

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    thanx for that...
    when the vip runs out will i have to start again? like will all the temps n stuff be lost should i be writing them down?

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    No you will not lose any of your information. My VIP ran out a lil while ago and I wanted to print out my chart with all the details to I paid and all my data came back.

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    clare076 Guest


    That's good to know Veronica, glad you could help out there. I just suggested writing them down in case they did wipe.

    Good luck for this month Noni, hopefully you wont need to get VIP. Fingers crossed. x

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    Hi there
    I haven't got vip membership, and don't plan on getting it either. I did have some more trial days just recently, and whilst the extra information - like my bd'ing score lol - was good, it didn't really tell me anything i wouldn't have found out with just basic membership.
    Good luck - I hope you get a bfp this month!!!

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