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    Hi Everyone!

    I am 26 and my partner is 30. We had not together very long before we started trying for our first baby and I happened to come across a book on the Fertility Awareness Method.

    Having never heard of this method of conception/pregnancy achievement before, I thought I may as well give it a try. I found it fascinating as well as very effective, as I fell pregnant in the second month of charting!

    In my first month, I started charting on cycle day 13. Taking my temperature, observing cervical fluid, and cervical position. My temperature rose .5 deg C on day 15 starting my luteal phase and keeping my temperature up for the next 15 days. My cycle ended on day 29 and I only noted 1 day of scant eggwhite in that cycle as I started late.

    Into the second month, my temperature stayed well above my coverline, confusing me somewhat to say the least! On day 10, my temperature dropped .6 deg, and I observed fertile cervical fluid that continued for 4 days while my temperature steadily rose again to a high 36.8 deg C on day 18.

    So it was basically the opposite, I had an obvious dip instead of a rise. Going off my previous cycle of a 15 luteal phase, I was not expecting my period to arrive until about day 31 as I had read it rarely differs. My breasts were sore like they usually were before a period and I had periody type pains like it was going to be any day now.

    However, on day 31, I had a strong instinct that I should take a test and lo and behold it was positive!

    But remember when it comes to actually falling pregnant, charting only plays a relatively small role really. Someone gave us the advise of ‘just make love as much as you can’. So that’s what we did, day 10 through to 18. (Sometimes twice a day just for the sheer fun of it!). This is now my recommendation when you start TTC too!

    I loved using this method and will use it as a means of contraception in the future as well as for pregnancy achievement. I’m now 4 months pregnant.

    Happy baby making…

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    I've used FAM as a means of birth control and pregnancy achievement for about 10 years now.
    It's wonderful knowledge that I think all girls should have. I plan to teach my daughter as soon as she's old enough. I had to stumble across it just like you did, which is sad really as it's such powerful knowledge for a woman to have about her body.
    Congrats on the pregnancy btw!

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    congrats on your pg

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    Thank you Shazz, and yes Flea, FAM is a really wonderful thing to learn and such a powerful knowledge to possess!

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