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    Sep 2005

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    Ok AF was due today and I usually get spotting a day before, which would have been yesterday and nothing. I did a HPT yesterday just before lunch and it was a faint positive, so I thought that I would use FMU and get a better result. Nope again, I got a negative, but... my FMU wasn't as concentrated or yellow as it should be. I still have no AF, I have really sore boobs and I was dry retching last night after I'd gone to bed.

    Can anybody give me their opinion on my chart please.

    hugs xoxo

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    Nov 2005
    Ontario, Canada

    Well, I can't offer a whole lot of insight into your chart, I'm afraid, but your symptoms sound promising! The temp drop there at the end makes me a little hesitant to be too excited, but I'm pretty sure I had the same thing happen when I conceived DD2 - a drop when I expected AF, but not below the coverline, and then the next day my temp was up, and I had a BFP. Here's hoping this is your month! All the best!

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    Mar 2007

    Hmm....with all the symptoms and faint I would think you were UTD.
    Your temp's gone down a bit though, but not too low compared to the others it's just the one before was pretty high. So I don't know. I think it depends on what happens tomorrow, your temp goes up not down.
    Arrgghhh all this waiting is so annoying!!

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    Sep 2007

    Amanda - I'm curious to see what your temp does in the next few days. If it is high tomorrow, then I would be hopeful! If it drops tomorrow, it may indicate AF is on her way (sorry) . Lets hope she stays away!!! By the way, thanks for keeping up with the DPO count in TTC1-6. Happy moving .

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    Jan 2006
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    Amanda just saw your thread! Im for you hun! Hope todays temp is high!

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    Mar 2007
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    That temp drop doesn't look good. If you got a faint positive at lunch time you should have got a positive for sure with FMU. Were both tests the same? If they were different sensitivies that could account for it, but if they were the same then I'd say it's not likely that you are pregnant.

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    Mar 2007

    sorry about AF
    But yay more BDing soon!! lol. Great to hear you're positive!