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    ok, this is getting to be a bit of a saga...

    [url=]this is my chart[/url], and it is driving me nuts!

    Just as a bit of background...

    around CD19, I had abdominal pains and changes in CM that led me to believe that I did actually ovulate - no EWCM, but it was very watery, very slippery... For close to two weeks I've been having symptoms that indicated to me that I may be pregnant - bust expanding, belly popped out a little, nausea, fatigue, changes in taste, increased CM, temperature rising, etc, etc, etc... you name it, I've had it.

    I first tested at 12DPO - BFN... at 14DPO I had cramps like AF was going to arrive - no show! kept testing every few days - been BFNs the whole way - apart from one where a faint positive came up, then faded away.

    I am now 3 frustrating weeks past ovulation and still have two more days before my GP appointment...

    I know there are a few dips in the luteal phase - CD26, 28, 35 and 41 are all temps taken after the air conditioner has been running all night, and I'm sure that's what has caused them to be so low.

    What do you think? I'm beginning to think that my urine is somehow broken, that maybe one of my medications could be stopping BFPs from showing - this is all starting to make me seriously doubt my sanity!


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    Carys Guest


    If you used the lower temps that have been excluded it could almost appear like an anovulatory cycle (just a thought). It would just seem very unusual to go 22 days past ovulation and not be pregnant. I would think a visit to the Dr for a blood test will solve the problem.


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    I excluded those temps because the air conditioner had been on all night, I hadn't slept well, and woke up freezing... certainly not my normal conditions for waking up!

    I have an appointment booked with my doctor - I guess I just don't want to look like a complete idiot.


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    It would be a lot easier to tell what was going on if you had a few more pre O temps... never mind. It does look like you have O'd, from your chart. If you don't disregard your low temps does it take away your coverline? Is your cycle usualy regular?

    I'm afraid you'll have to wait for your Dr appointment to see what is going on.

    Good Luck


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    if the disregarded temps are included, it tries to tell me I may have Oed on CD 33 or something stupid like that! I'm pretty sure I didn't then - I distinctly had O pains when it currently says I did.

    My cycles have never been regular - I was pretty convinced that I basically didn't O before, and decided to start temping to see for myself, I also started taking vitex at the beginning of the cycle... I'm pretty happy that I Oed... just going nuts trying to figure out what's going on now.


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    Carys Guest


    I wouldnt be worrying about what the Dr thinks, I mean you're sitting on a 42 day cycle and you can narrow down your ovulation to where you should have got AF by now, stands to reason you would go there to have it checked out. You need to put your mind at ease one way or the other.


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    BW - I agree with Tanya; it is kinda hard to tell with so few pre O temps. I read that you are taking vitex. On the cycle that I took vitex I had an annovulary cycle (see: [url][/url]). Maybe you should stop taking it and see what happens. And if your are pregnant then you aren't meant to take Vitex anyway.

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