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Thread: Need some advice on Ovulation!

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    Default Need some advice on Ovulation!

    Hi everyone,

    Im a bit confused with whats going on so im hoping someone might be able to help!

    The last 2 months i have had unsually late cycles around 33-36 days (normally 27-28) have been ttc for 6 months now, have been taking temps
    this month i purchased opk's of ebay and have used them for the past 4 days, 1st one there was no line next one very faint line, the next was a bit darker and todays is the same darkness as the control line, for the last 2 days have had quite alot of EWCM but my temps are only around 36.5-36.6, does this mean i am ovulating or about to ovulate OR have ovulated? I am on day 15 of my cycle which would be back to normal that means. (thank goodness) Is it time to BD now or is it too late? oh also if the opk turns negative tomorrow does that mean its too late also?


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    You will only know for sure when your temps go up. But as soon as your see EWCM you should be BDing.

    My temps normally will go up to about 36.7 after I have O'd and then go up higher after that.

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    Get BDing, it sounds like you are about to ovulate!! Generally most women ovulate within 12-36 hours of a +OPK.

    Good luck!

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    You are about to O so it is not to late at all. Don't worry about your temps as the +ve OPK and EWCM is enough to indicate O is about to happen.

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