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Thread: Nightshifts and Charting

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    Default Nightshifts and Charting

    Hi I am just learning about when I actually ovulate and so forth. I have started charting but I have 2 problems.

    a) My AF is irregular but the ave length is 35days (when it suits it)

    b) I work nightshifts...

    Now my nightshifts are all over the place but I generally work 3-4 nightshifts a week. It is going to be really difficult for me to take my BBT at the same time after having more than 3hrs sleep. I am not quite sure what to do and will this adversely affect my temp results?

    The only plan I have right now is to take my BBT at the same time in the morning when I am not working nightshift and at the same time in the afternoon after I have slept following a nightshift. Would this still work?

    Thank you!

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    I think that it sounds like a good plan. Unfortunatly we can't all have ideal charting situations but I think that trying to get as much sleep before temping is a good idea. If you can't see any pattern after a month or so maybe you could revise your method.
    Good-luck. Are you using FF? They have a section on shift work in the FAQs.

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    Forgive my ignorance but what is FF?

    and thanks for the tip to check out the FAQS for nightshift

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    Ok I must be blind lol :-$

    I cant find it still, I checked the faqs and stickys. Can you let me know where the thread is?

    Thanks a million!!!

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    Cherishedone, I think Dachlostar meant the Fertility Friend site FAQ


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    From my research into this I have found it is more important to take your temp after at least 3 hours of uninterupted sleep, than to take it at the same time every day.

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    Thank you all!!!

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