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Thread: is it normal to have the same bbt for 6 days in a row?

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    shishmish Guest

    Default is it normal to have the same bbt for 6 days in a row?


    I just started charting my bbt six days ago, (post ovulation) and it has been 36.5 every day. I even got AF today and it was 36.5. I had a look at the thermometer's packet and noticed it doesn't say 'basal' anywhere. Just says 'body temperature' and that it can measure to 0.1 degree. I've tried jumping and taking my temp at various times of day to see if it registers the difference and it does. So I kind of think that the thermometer is OK but maybe I'm not?! Does anyone else have similar temps? All my blood tests are ok, I'm ovulating and have normal levels of everything except (low iron).


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    Hmmm...maybe it is not sensitive enough.

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    clare076 Guest


    Definately better to invest in a thermometer that measures to 2 decimal places. Most pharmacy's sell basal thermometers for around $18.00. The difference between 36.5 and 36.59 is quite significant when charting.

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