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    Default ovulated??

    Hi all!
    Would you girls who are more experienced at charting, please look at my chart and tell me if you think I may have O'd this cycle? It is not uncommon for me not to O, and when I do it is usually much later on clomid (like CD17 or 18). This is the first cycle I've been charting and temping, and it's also the first cycle I've been following some advice from a natropath.
    Please give me your honest opinion! I had a BT yesterday but I have to wait until Tuesday to get the results.

    ETA: I know its a bit dodgy since I missed 3 days of temping and one day was an odd one because I was up with DS, so I disgarded that temp - LOL only because it gave me a bit of hope without it!!

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    Hmm its a bit hard to tell because of no temps for a big gap.. Sorry i have everything crossed for you..

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