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Thread: Ovulation??

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    Default Ovulation??

    Hey Guys,
    Just wondering if anyone who wants to check out my chart and see when you think I ovulated?

    I think it was CD13. FF has put in a dotted coverline for CD18, which only appeared late last night after I entered that I had some ewcm yesterday.

    Either way, hopefully we have all bases covered as we BD on cycle days 9,10,11,12 and 18.

    Chart is attached to my ticker



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    Thanks Emma

    Ok, I removed the EWCM from yesterday and increased CD15's temp. Got nothing until I increased CD15 from 36.16 to 36.29, and it made CD14 as ovulation.

    Then I put yesterday's EWCM back in, which changed the coverline to a dotted one.

    I have also had EWCM today, so put that in and it changed ovulation back to CD18.
    I don't think I've ever had EWCM this late in my cycle either.

    I'm thinking I will wait until my next cycle begins and remove the coverline as when we do eventually make a FS appointment this will be more than likely one of the charts I will take with me. I will give it to him to see what he thinks?

    Thanks again Em


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    clare076 Guest


    I agree with FF and O date as CD18. Many women have several patches of EWCM during their cycle.

    The chances are if you go to a FS they will start testing you during your cycle to check for O, so you will get a better idea of if and when it happened.

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    Maybe CD13, but I can see why it has decided on CD18 too though.
    it might be getting confused with the high temperature on CD11. whats going on there to make that temp so much higher than the rest? If you change it does it make a differnce?

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    Karina, I think CD11 was higher because I had a few drinks the night before?
    Can also see why it has put CD18 as 'O', because of the EWCM, but thought it was earlier on due to me having tender BB's which usually happen around or after ovulation.

    I did play around with the temp for CD11, lowered it, but that didnt change anything either?

    Also was suggested to me to put in the first few days of missing temps, but that didn't do anything either.


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    I would discard CD11 altogether. Why the temp spike on CD16 too?

    And to be honest, I'm not sure I disagree with CD18. You are really only showing a clear and SUSTAINED thermal shift after then.


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    I'd say CD 13/14 personally

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    clare076 Guest


    I wouldn't start discarding and altering temps to try and change your ovulation day or to make your chart look better. Even if you discard CD11, you still haven't had a clear and "sustained" thermal shift until CD18. Sorry I am still going for CD18, didn't you say you bd around that time just in case?

    Are you a VIP member of FF? Why not ask one of the mods to check out your chart, just for piece of mind.

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    I say CD 13 as well. Good luck Nic!

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    Nic, is it possible that o it still wait ing to occur? The temps after CD 13 are pretty low really and looking at your passed charts it doesn't really fit. CD18 ther eis no fertile CM at all which is unusual, esp considering you are having fertile CM now. I wouldn't give up bding yet this cycle, esp now you have ewcm.

    Anyway GL and I hope you have or do O and it isn't Anov.


    ETA... I just noticed your chart hasn't been updated for a few days... it will be interesting to see any new info plugged in

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    Didn't temp over the weekend, we went away for my mums birthday and had a party.
    Have started spotting tonight. Will have to go and check my FF info, but I'm pretty sure my LP has been around the 13 day mark for the last few months. Which would mean an ovulation day of around CD13/14.

    Thanks for looking everyone


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