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Thread: Ovulation temp dip?

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    Default Ovulation temp dip?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am in my 4th month of charting and every other month I had an O temp drop before the spike...
    This month has shown no drop and only a small spike about the time I would usually ovulate, my temps steadily increased over a 4 day period to be at my LP temp range and they are hanging up there as per usual.

    Does this mean I haven't O'ed? Or would the dip back at CD8-10 indicate O at that time?
    Do you have to dip to O?


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    no you dont have to have a dip before O. Do you chart using fertility friend? If so are you able to put in the link to your chart. Without actually seeing your chart its a hard call but if your temps have risen and remain above CD18 temp I would say you did ovulate

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