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Thread:, Fertility Friend and Soundtells

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    Default, Fertility Friend and Soundtells

    Are all driving me mad in one way or another. is showing basically my whole cycle to be fertile days.
    Fertility Friend - i cant find how to change my cycle length, and its giving me dates that i know are off
    and Soundtells doenst allow you to enter details of CM and BBT, it just relys on its own calculations for fertile days.
    So, has anyone found a good on line resource that is easy to use? Basically, while we are not TTC i am entering details on line and when DP gets up in the morning he checks to see if we need to be careful - i HATE him asking me if we need to use protection just when we are about to make love! And i want him to be responsible too - if we had a whoopsie IYKWIM?
    Any suggestions?

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    If you can find Alan, i remember a little while ago he had a thread about charting in Excel. He should be able to point you in the right direction. If you need help with FF just pm me and i can help you change your cycle length - maybe just not this week - having a really bad one

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