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    Since starting on the clomid, I am lucky to get EWCM... if at all! I'm just wondering... to be classed as watery, does it have to be stretchy? Because I rarely get stretchy CM either! I have had EW and watery CM before, just not recently, so I know what its like, and the CM i have now is like watery CM only not stretchy.....

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    No it doesn't have to be stretchy. I hardly ever used to get EWCM. This year I conceived on two cycles where I got EWCM (only saw a little bit on one day of each of those cycles) and one cycle where I didn't see any.

    I have read though that clomid can make cm hostile to sperm in some women and in those women it will make it very difficult to concieve. I think you can have a test done to check if your cm is hostile. You can also do some things to improve your cm if that is the case - can't remember what but if you google it you will find some ideas. One thing that helped me get some EWCM was taking evening primrose oil but I didn't use that on my most successful cycle which resulted in my current pregnancy.

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