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Thread: Really irregular cycles

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    *Kristee* Guest


    I am not in Melbourne but my mother is where do you go for TCM?? This has got me really interested. this is my 3rd cycle trying and so far seem to be okay but had hormone probs before dd so was just wondering for future reference if needed.

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    purpley Guest


    Hi lyric, thank you for sharing your experience... it has given me some hope!

    Cee_Cee I am going to check out the TCM and acupuncture route.

    I am so frustrated. I went and got the results of the hormone tests, all completely normal! what the? how is that possible when they so obviously aren't normal!

    thanks for all your encouragement everyone.

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    *Kristee* Guest


    Purpley i can totally understand your frustration.
    Surely there has to be something that has gone undetected as it is not normal. It actually took them 3 diff lots of bloods from me to work out what was going on.

    I mean doesn't your doc realise that this is not normal and that there need to be answers???? This is making memad so i will stop right here
    Although hope you findout whats going on soon.

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    purpley Guest


    I got so annoyed in the GP's office as he just seemed to be so blase... "I don't know what to tell you, it says normal" that is all he kept saying over and over and I kept saying "How is that possible when I have gone over 100 days now without a period, I am not pregnant, my skin is out of whack etc, I have not got regular cycles at all, how is this normal" and he would say "but the results are normal" .. begin loop again. Aaarrggghhhh just wanted to pull my hair out! no more tests were suggested or anything.... grrrrr.... I should stop now.

    Might need another doctor!

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    Purpley, maybe try waiting a couple of months, to what what happens once the Pill is completely out of your system. I know a lot of women do say that it took a while for their cycles to become regular again after the Pill.

    Then you could you try putting the ball back in his court .. e.g. 'so my results are normal, but my symptoms aren't normal ... so what is your next suggestion for finding out why it's like this.'

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    Purpley, did you ask for a referral to a gynecologist? Someone with more knowledge in the area may be able to shed some light on the problem.

    If you are actively TTC right now, I can imagine how frustrating it would be to be getting nowhere, but I have found that the specialists are often more prepared to act on things than GPs. Perhaps because they simply know more about it, and know all the different options.

    Sportychick had a similar thing happen, she took provera to induce AF, then did a few cycles of clomid and ovulated every time. After that, her body seemed to remember what to do and started ovulating without drugs, and she conceived on her second natural cycle. Hopefully that story will give you some hope that things can be fixed.


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    Smuggle Guest


    Hey Purpley, I'm new to this site and just wanted to introduce myself and tell you I know exactly what you're going through!! I went off the BCP at the end of August, had my first withdrawel bleed and have not had a period since!!! That's 4 months and a 120+ cycle... We have started to TTC but realise that it might take a lot longer than I'm happy to admit!! My body has been playing some really nasty tricks on me (Thinking I was pregnant a couple of times this cycle)... Plus it is really hard in this situation to chart when you don't even know if you're ovulation and whether things are working properly. My doctor was also extremely blase about the whole thing and said it's normal after comign off the pill and that they usually wait about 6 months before doing anything to allow the pill get out of your system...but I wasn't happy with that. So took upon myself to go back and get a referrall to my friends gyno/obstr who delivered both her beautiful children. And she said will not let any stone go unturned! So I'm waiting for my appointment on th 17th Jan to hopefully start getting some answers!! I completely understand and what you to know that you can contact me anytime.. I would love to find out what's happening with you and to support you in our common goal of 1/ getting answers on our body's without normality and 2/ ultimately conceiving!!!! Thanks for sharing and good luck with it all... MAke sure you see a gyno who will investigate everything until you get results!!!

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    Kristee, my acupuncturist's name is Anthony Olsen. He practices in Essendon and Canterbury and I'm happy to PM you his details if you'd like them. If those areas aren't convenient, I can ask him to recommend someone close to you/your mum.

    Purpley, my results were always (according to the GP) totally normal. Did they test for prolactin and testosterone levels? Those are often left out if you don't specifically ask for them, but can have a huge effect on cycle regularity.

    You could also ask for a referral to a gynacologist specialisng in endocrinology. The further I went along my ttc journey, the more I realised that GPs know very little beyond the basics. Are you booked in for an ultrasound to check for PCOS? If your testosterone levels were tested and shown to be high/ish it would really be worth going that next step; I'm surprised your GP hasn't suggested it. When I first went to the fertility naturopath, I said according to the doctor, all my test results were normal, but when she looked at them she could see several issues that although were within the so-called normall range, could be causing problems. For me, it was very low testosterone levels and high levels of some hormone binding agent which the GP never mentioned. My TCM diagnosis was insufficient yang (male element), so the east and west diagnosis supported each other!

    Good luck. I found I had to be pretty pro-active to get much done, and basically insist on referrals for tests etc.
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    purpley Guest


    Wow everyone, you have all given me much more hope than I originally had!

    butterfly_warrior that gave me a lot of hope as when i asked the GP if there were any drugs he could prescribe to try and get things moving he said the pill! thank you for the encouragement and I do think that a gynae is the next step in western medicine to take. I also am going on the 18th to acupuncture TCM... thanks again for the encouraging words!

    Smuggle! our experiences sound very similar!!! would be very interested in keeping in contact over email to see how eachother go, and perhaps we can help shed a bit of light on eachother! how would I go about getting you my email address?

    Lyric I am pretty sure he tested for everything, I am going back on Saturday to see my regular GP and his take on the results and get a referral to a gynae post haste. I also am interested to see what a TCM practicioner has to say, I have a lot of faith in eastern medicine and isn't it interesting how yours matched up like that!

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    Hi again purpley,

    Glad you're feeling more positive! I have just looked at your FF chart, and noticed that your temps are pretty low - mine were too, before i started TCM. It wasn't until they were an average of 36.5ish that my cycles started to get normal. It's a really common problem, and for me was related to my kidney yang, maybe your diagnosis will be similar to mine!

    Glad you've got appointments coming up. My DH also had a few treatments, especially during the beginning and 'business' parts of the cycle just to help the little swimmers along.

    Keep us updated.


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    purpley Guest


    will do! thanks!

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    Oh Purpley I'm sorry to hear you didn't have much luck with the dr - I'm glad to hear that you are feeling more positive now though!

    Just wanted to let you know that your post finally gave me the encouragement I needed to go to the dr and get some blood tests to figure out what's going on with my lack of AF - I went on friday and passed out after the needle but get my results next week (the dr is away this week). Wishing you all the best with your journey and look forward to hearing how you go

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    purpley Guest


    Hi SuzL that is great! i wish you luck with it all and look forward to hearing how you go!!!!

    I have another appt Saturday morning so will be sure to drop in with you lovely ladies.

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    Hey Purpley,

    I hope you don't mind me posting in your thread, I just wanted to share with you my experience.

    I didn't AF for around 6 months after stopping the pill and due to mainly my weight gain and inability to lose it no matter what I did gave me the motivation to get checked out (I wasn't TTCing, but I wasn't trying not to get pregnant either, I knew I wasn't ovulating so I didn't bother with contraception). The GP I went to ordered hormone blood tests which shocked me when he said they came back normal!! I *knew* something wasn't right, especially the weight gain issue, and other things that were going on, and no sign of AF.

    So, I said to him, I think it might be endo come back again, can you please give me a referral to a gynae and order a scan before I went, to which he obliged.

    He then printed out the referral, along with my blood tests and said take that.

    Curiosity got the better of me, and I looked at my BT results.

    Well, I'm not a doctor, but I could see the bits clearly in RED indicating abnormal levels. My progesterone was menopausal (I was 26), I had very high testosterone, well above the limits as shown on the test, another sex hormone was very elevated, almost double the maximum limit (androgen I think?).

    These bits were on the last page of 7 pages, all I could see was that he must have not read that last page and skimmed it.

    So I took them along to another GP, as well as the u/s I had done that week as well, all indicated 'advanced PCOS'. My ovaries just looked like craters! The GP said he hadn't seen such bad hormone levels in someone my age, put me on Metformin and I also went back on the pill to help with hormones. Within 3 months, I had lost 15kg (trying very hard mind you) and feeling alot better. I went off the pill for 2 weeks to help with migraines I was suffering and conceived in that time, despite not even BDing whilst I was off it (just did 2 days before I stopped the pill). GP made me take a pregnancy BT before I went back on the pill 'just in case', I nearly didn't take it because I didn't BD....but you can imagine my shock when I did!!! A very happy surprise though. THis happened with me despite having extensive endo as well.

    So that's my story of my 'normal' blood test results.

    Second opinion is in order that's for sure, like others said, don't take 'nothing is wrong' for an answer. You and your body knows best.

    Good luck hun

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    Purpley, I agree ... a referral to a gynaecologist sounds like the best idea for you at this point. Good luck for Saturday.

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    purpley Guest


    OKydokeys I have an appointment with the gynae that did my laparoscopy in August O5 for Monday afternoon!

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    Default Similar story!

    Hi Purpley & Smuggle,

    Well it looks like we all have similar stories.
    I'm 27, nearly 28 and I went off BCP (after 9 years) June 06 and no period YET.
    Not TTC just yet but want to have a baby early 08...

    I've had blood tests done and all come back normal *argh*. So frustrating!
    I hate people telling me "Just wait, don't worry" - well of course I'm going to worry!?!

    My doctor is ringing me tomorrow to discuss the latest tests. I'm trying to get in to see a gyno but long waits here in perth. Want to find out my options to kickstart my periods so I can start tracking my cycles etc.

    Purpley I hope your appt goes well tomorrow!!

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    purpley Guest


    Hi ladies, wow it does sound like a few of us have the exact same thing happening!

    Well I went to the GP today and got a referral to a gynae.. I am seeing the gynae Monday afternoon so will let you know what she has to say and suggests...

    How did you go Mrs P with your blood tests?

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