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Thread: Regular cycle has become irregular??

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    Default Regular cycle has become irregular??

    Hi to all,

    Just wanted to know if anyone had some advice for me? for as long as i can remember i have had a 27-28 day cycle, i gave birth in 2003, they got back on track after that, but DH & I decided back in april we would try for #2 that month the cycle ended on day 22, may was 38 days, june then was back to 27, july was 27, then August was 33 and september was 35, this is happened ever since we have started TTC, does anyone know why this might be happening as i was always regular,
    now i don't know when to test for pregnancy or anything.
    Im charting my temps and last month it looked liked i O around day 21,
    Would love anyone to help me shed some light on this subject!!


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    Sorry Shellstar I wish I could give you some answers, the only think I can tell you is that our bodies are amazing pieces of equipment and who knows what the heck is going on sometimes! I cant imagine TTC and cycle length could be related, so maybe it is coincidence, or stress from thinking about TTC?

    I was THE most regular person before DS was born, 29 days on the spot, then after DS and b/f for 3 months it took about 3 months after finishing b/f for AF to return and when it did 'she' decided to just 'pop over' whenever she darn well felt like it!! I think I have had about 3 AF's since finishing b/f over 6 months ago and my longest wait was about 2 months.

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    i can relation to what you are saying.

    my cycle used to be quite regular every 28-32 days pretty much.

    in the last few months when i've been charting/temping, etc, it seems to be a lot longer. 35-40 days sometimes... far too long. i was ovulating at day 21 as well.

    i know that stress is a big factor when it comes to my cycles, it really effects it. and the last few months haven't been easy.. quite the opposite really and this has effected my cycles.

    i am seeing a naturopath to assist with a few health concerns i have... and i was speaking with her.. and she advised to get some blood tests done, so that we can sort out what's going on. as i may have some hormonal factors which influence my cycle to.

    anyway i have been to my gp and got a form for the blood tests (not looking forward to them.. as i hate them !). and i will go and get them done.

    from there we can work out the best plan of action.

    so maybe go and chat with your GP and maybe they can work something out.

    good luck

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