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Thread: Restless sleep does it affect temping

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    Default Restless sleep does it affect temping

    I had a really bad night sleep really restless feel like i didnt get a wink of sleep!! Started waking at 4am then every 20mins or so and tossing in my sleep will this affect my temping??

    I temp at 7:30am!!

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    yes! It's hard to say how, as sometimes after a rough night my temperature will be higher, and sometimes it will be lower.

    If you choose "sleep deprived" from the list of specific situations on FF it will give you a little open circle to indicate that it's not a great temperature.


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    Thanks BW!!!

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    It definately does. What I used to do when I had a day off. If I woke during the night and had got 4hours consecutive sleep I would take my temp just incase I didn't get enough sleep after waking up.

    Does that make sense???

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    It does but I wouldn't stress about one day of odd temps. If it was something that happened constantly, perhaps it will affect your chart.
    But for one night of restless sleep (which I'm sure we all have every now and then!) I would worry too much about it.

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    Yeah i can go through fazes and have had a bad week i think to much and it affects my sleep i havnt joined FF just trial month so if i dont fall i will be more careful next month and will start doc when i have a bad night

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    You don't have to stop using FF after the trial month is done BTW. They have a complimentary membership that allows you to chart, etc. You just don't get to read all the information they have on their site, or participate in the discussions, but I think you will find all the info and support that you need here at BB.

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