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Thread: Saliva Ovulation Fertility Testers??

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    *ellie* Guest

    Question Saliva Ovulation Fertility Testers??

    Good afternoon ladies,

    Just wondering if any of you use Saliva Ovulation Fertility Testers, and if so what has your experience been with them?

    Do they clearly show the 'fern' like patterns at ovaluation and how long did it take for you to fall pg using this method?

    I am thinking about buying one instead of OPK's - thought it would be cheaper and easier to do also.

    BTW, after AF leaves this will be our first month of actually 'trying' and I want to be prepared as much as possible! lol


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    I'm actually waiting for mine to arrive! I bought mine 2nd hand of the lovely Sammi-J. I'll get her to pop in & tell you how she went with it. In a few weeks I can give you some avice too

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    Hi *ellie*!

    I found it to be quite helpful. Especially when TTCing my first becuase I had a long and irregular cycle and had no idea when I was Oing.
    There are a few different pattern phases. Dots or blobs, dots and ferns, ferns and the big thick ferns.
    Once you figure out how to read the ferns it's good for telling you when O is happening. You will see ferning patterns start to form a good few days before hand but when you are Oing they are at their thickest. Then they get thinner again and you get the dots in among them.
    It help to put a great big blob of spit on it. I think the instructions said thin but I never had a good reading that way. It takes a while longer to dry but I used to get impatient and put in the windowsill in the sun to help it along.

    Hope That Helps

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    *ellie* Guest


    ThankS for your replies Sarah & Sammi - I've just bought one off ebay!

    Cant wait to get it and start TTC!

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    It didn't work for me, even though I know from OPKs and blood tests during my cycles that I was ovulating.

    I followed the instructions to the letter and never got anything even resembling a fern.

    I hope you have more luck with it than I did. Luckily I borrowed mine off a friend so I didn't pay for it, if I did I woulda been cranky! LOL!

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