thread: Should I adjust these temps?

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    Should I adjust these temps?

    We went on a weekend away to Rockhampton - left Thursday, got back Monday - and my temps were a little funny CD19-22. I had the trigger injection CD17, just a high rise CD18, but than back and forwards CD 19-22... FF hasn't even recorded ovulation!

    We usually sleep on a water bed which is kept at a constant temperature, and while we were away we jut slept on a normal bed, and I wondered whether that could cause funny temps...? It went down this morning, and we were back in our normal bed, so I am not sure whether it is because we went away, or if it would have happened anyway, and I should leave it and just make a note of it?

    Any thoughts? My FF chart is below...

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    Personally I'd just make a note of it. The trigger will cause you to ovulate in 36 hours (at least that's my understanding of it), so you can just do an adjustment of the ovulation date to be 36 hours after the trigger regardless of temps.

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