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Thread: Sleep issues and a beeping bbt themometer?

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    Question Sleep issues and a beeping bbt themometer?

    Hi all,

    I have a great bbt thermometer but theres a problem. It beeps about ten times once the temp has been taken, it's high pitched and highly annoying!

    I've been automatically waking at 5am-ish but we don't really need to get up until 6.30 so I figure take the temp and try to fall back to sleep for a bit but the beeping is driviing my dh mad!
    He cant get back to sleep and wants me to stop temping as it is robbing him of 1.5hrs sleep.

    Overall I have to say, this is my 2nd month of doing BBT and even without the beeping I have had an awful sleep pattern since starting, I wake a couple of times in the night and this 5am wake seems to have set in. I also dream that I forget to take my temp before getting up. Silly!!!! really silly!

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Any tips would be great.

    Thanks, sassba
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    Yeah the beeping wakes my DS who is usually in our bed by then My thermometer doesn't have a memory so I have to look at it there and then, so can't switch it off straight away to stop the beeps. If I'm quick (and it's not too dark) I have a quick look and switch it off, so it only beeps about 2 times.

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    Default thermometer noise!

    Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your response, it's great because I didnt actually consider turning it off I assumed you'd lose the temp..... I just tested mine and it does save the reading.
    That should make a difference,
    though I think just one beep will still cause a grumpf.
    Oh well....

    thanks, sassba

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    yes i have one of them , beeps every 4 seconds for a minute, is ment to tell you that you have it in the right place in your mouth, so annoying

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    My DH didn't enjoy the sound too much either. SO I did my temping under the covers, covering up the chime part of the thermometer with my fingers. It sounds like a hassle, but it did reduce the noise a lot.

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    I, too, had the same type of thermometre as Bettyboop so I got another one through LC. It is great. It only quietly beeps once the temp has been taken. It does have a memory but will only hold it once.

    I use my LC thermometre under the blankets so the beeping doesnt wake DH then I turn it off. I check it again at a more respectable hour ...

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    Just wanted to add that I have the same thermometer as Tony from Lullaby Conceptions and it is is so quiet!
    The one I had before beeped so loudly that it would wake up DH...but with my new one he has no idea what is going on.

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