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Thread: Spotting vs. AF, CD1 or CD2?

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    Question Spotting vs. AF, CD1 or CD2?

    Hello all,

    I am being overly finicky about details I know but, I am not sure weather to count yesterday or today as CD1 on fertility friend.

    The thing is, I used to only have a tiny bit of spotting or tinged CM the day before AF started mostly in the afternoon or evening, the next day I would then be in no doubt that CD1 had started.

    Of late (since deciding to TTC) my body has been so different, which I find a bit unsettling!

    This all started aug 06 along with a one-off freakishly long cycle and ongoing breakthrough mid cycle bleeding then much heavier AF bleeding than I've ever had before.
    All the above unexplained by my very disinterested endo/gyno.

    Fortunately in the past three months I feel I am slowly going back to normal cycles but yesterday (CD12 0r CD1?) has thrown me. Basically I had a bit more of a flow, enough that I had to use a liner but it wasn't quite like usual AF on Cd1. Today feels more like a proper early AF day but I am not 100% that I shouldn't count yesterday as CD1.

    Also, if yesterday was Cd1 then my LP was just 11 days not 12 which I think is more usual for me.

    I realise that these things happen and I dont expect any magic answers but with regards to charting, would you say CD1 was yesterday or today?

    Any help would be wonderful.

    thanks, sassba

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    With IVF cycling they always say CD1 is the first day of full flow. I would therefore say today is your day 1. It is annoying how our bodies can be so changable! I have found that I always have full flow day one except when trying to count for IVF when I get light flow day one, two or even three and then full flow. SOOOO annoying isnt it!!
    Good luck cycling!

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    I agree!

    Count CD 1 as the day of full flow. I've had up to 3 days of spotting before AF arrived properly....very frustrating!

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    I am with the others. CD1 is the first day of real blood flow (i.e. tampon or pad required). My Gyno did confirm that with me yesteday, as I usually have a couple of days of spotting prior to AF arriving. Good luck hun!

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