thread: A tad of help tmi

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    Aug 2012

    A tad of help tmi

    I've started chatting temp and cervical mucous after recent mc I want to pin point ovulation to increase chances. I haven't charted since my first pregnancy however and this is my planned 4th. Is it normal temp then temp drop below everything else and a sudden rise above everything is ovulation? Also I can't remember how long temp is meant to stay up before I test? My periods are all over the place at the moment. And I can't remember if it's egg white or watery thats most fertile? And it goes dry after ovulation? Any replies would be helpful thanks

    Maggie x

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    I can't remember the temps bit (I really should...) but the most fertile CM is egg white

    So, it has come to this.

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    Ewcm is the most fertile, FF stillgives me the green light with watery cm too. Then dry after ovulation.
    The temp drop before a rise sounds right, at least thats what my chart did. I only started temping this month so still learning.

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    Magnum, you'll probably find it really useful to do the free online charting course offered by Fertility Friend.

    As others have said, EWCM is the most fertile, but watery can still be fertile. Not everyone goes dry after ovulation, but the watery or EWCM usually stops. It's also common enough to have ongoing creamy CM in the second half of the cycle. Three sustained higher temps in a row indicate that you probably ovulated sometime the day before the temp rise started... When you 'should' test, is after your period is due, which, depending on your normal luteal phase, is likely to be 12-16 days after ovulation. Many people start testing far earlier, but the chance of getting false negatives in pretty high if you start testing at 8 or 9 days post ovulation. The benefit in starting to chart is in learning what your normal patterns are, as there are many variations on normal. You won't be sure of what's normal for you until you've charted consistently through a few cycles.

    Hope that helps.

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    Jul 2010

    When I ovulate i have lots of lotion like CM for a couple of days. Especially when i was on clomid!

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    Aug 2012

    Ah ok this is all really helpful I charted with my 1DD so I get the basics but couldn't remember the mucous and I was 90% sure about the ov thing so I'm happy I asked I have been ttc for what would have been 6 months now. For the first 4 months my cycles were 29 days then I had my mc had a month out and now not sure what my cycle will do after having a 39 day cycle so I thought temping was the way to go so this is my 5th month ttc. I will let you all know how I get on x