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    Ok, so i'm a little new to this who world of temping, charting, etc, etc.

    My question, how do you take you temp ?

    I mean orally, i have a BD temp device...

    Do you just put it in your mouth a certain way ? only reason i ask it, is cause it varies my temp on how i do it.

    just wondering if someone can help me out ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

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    hi there, you should take your temp each morning ideally at the same time before getting out of bed.

    so as soon as i wake up i reach over and put it under my tongue and i sleep for the next 30 seconds till it beeps! hehehe

    you can do it vaginally...but i think id rather do it under my tongue

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    It's better to try and take it at the same time each morning and to make sure you take it in the same place each time - I take my temp under the tongue on the left side, also on the instructions to my thermometer it showed the different 'hot' spots in your mouth and how they can vary in temperature, so that's why it's best to take it in the same place each time for more consistent readings! O

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    thanks for your advice.

    yeah i'll prob take it orally.

    there are instructions with my BD thermometer but not really specific as to exactly where to take it

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