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    I was just wondering if anyone could answer a couple of q's that I have.

    I am currently on CD18 and I O'd on CD11 (7DPO), however my temp dropped this am to 35.87 when it has been around 36.65 and the coverline is 36.18. So it is quite a drop.
    However, I am feeling very much under the weather, sore throat, cold like symptoms :eek: , etc and i took it 15min earlier than normal time. So being sick i would imagine it wouldn't be as effective???? (I thought maybe higher not lower???) Or could it just be the temp drop before AF b/c i am on CD18 and have on a couple of occasions got AF on CD21............??????????:mad:

    Also, i have been getting sick nearly every month for the last 4 months and i just want to go to docs and get some antibiotics to see if i can get it out of my system for once and for all, so hopefully it won't keep coming back. I ahve been avoiding it b/c of the whole TTC journey. What is everyone's opinion, would they play havoc with temps, affect TTC in any way?????

    Thank you so much!!!!!

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    Im not sure why ur temp dropped all of a sudden - but ur prob right about being a bit sick. If u r TTC it's prob best to see ur GP, get this cold/flu/sickness? out of the way first then start TTC fresh -knowing that u've got a clean bill of health. The last thing u'd want is to fall preg and then get even worse and have to go on antibiotics then. Best of luck with it KB

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    A temp drop at 7dpo could be an implantation dip. Also, I don't want to get your hopes up here but cold symptoms can sometimes be an early sign of pg for some women. The body recognises the implanting bean and your immune system can drop so as to not attack it as an invader.

    Whether or not it could be AF depends upon how long your LP usually is. Unless you have a 7 day LP (which is highly unusual and not at all conducive to successful implantation and should be seen to by your Dr), I wouldn't think you should be expecting AF just yet.

    As for continually getting ill and not wanting to take antibiotics. You'd be far better to go and see your Dr and get over whatever is making you sick for once and for all, even if it meant taking a month or so off ttc to take medication. You are far more likely to conceive if you have a clean bill of health.

    Good luck.


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