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    hey is it possible to have u guys look at my chart??? my temp has dropped but only just below the coverline yesterday and then today like .2 degrees can implantation temps last more then one day? coz last time i had my temp drop around the same time but it was more dramatic not a small drop... is there still hope or do u think its all over????
    ty in advance btw af is due on the 15th if that helps..

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    Hi there Noni

    I'm not exactly sure if implantation can last more than one day but the fact that your temp went back up today is promising i think!

    Maybe wait another couple of days and if your temp is still up, then test!!

    This waiting game is so awful isn't it??

    Take care

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Looks good to me. ALso the fact that you;ve had the temp dip at the same time that you had the cramps are all good signs. Goodluck!

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    lol the waiting is excruciating!!!! i tested today lol i am a poas aholic negative of course.... bbs are bigger but that happens before af the difference this time is that they are killing me my nipples especially can't seem to get comfortable i wont mind though if it leads to a bfp if it leads me no where i will be ****ed off though!!!!

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