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Thread: Temp rise but AF has arrived...please read !

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    Default Temp rise but AF has arrived...please read !

    hi there,

    I have been TTC for over 2 years, IVF for 6 monhts and now charting for the last 2 months for our second miracle..

    I unfortunately again got my AF this morning. MY temps have been steady since ovulation - 37 and 37.1. But I noticed yesterday i was feeling particularly hot and this morning my temp was 37.8 - checked again and it was 37.7. But then I got up to go to the bathroom afterwards and there was AF.

    I feel fine otherwise, not sick at all. Has anyone had this temp raise? I know I do have AF and it is NOT just spotting.

    thanks for any insights,

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    Sometimes weird things happen with charting... My temperatures tend to stay up until well after AF has arrived. The chart where I was pregnant had a really impressive temperature crash right when AF was due. You'd honestly think I'd labelled the charts incorrectly. I've had one other cycle with a very early miscarriage, implantation happened, but AF arrived on time. That chart sits in between the other two.

    Are you on any medication that is different to normal? Had you consumed any alcohol the night before? Both of those things can effect temperatures. It's also rare, but possible, for women to have AF as normal while still pregnant.


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    It could be an implantation bleed - have you tested just in case?

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    thanks for the replies and for being positive - No, I don't drink and I am no medication. Implantation bleed? No way, unless it comes with full bleed and small clots.
    will be interesting to see what the temp is tomorrow. Last cycle my temp dropped on the day before my first full bleed.
    very disappointing and sad this time as we had 2 embryos transferred and also timed BD just right ourselves...

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    well my temperature has not really dropped - still 37 this morning, and I have stopped bleeding - only 36 hours of AF. But I feel I am NOT pregnant - I get a blood test on Wednesday, but really, there is little chance I feel.

    but question remains about the temp...and I certainly feel fine otherwise. the only thing I can think of is that I have started taking Vitex - only taken it for 2 months (for the first half of cycle) on recommendation of my nathopath.

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    Hi Runnermum

    That temp seems awefully high, is that normal for you? I am just wondering if you normally have very short AF cause that is really short as well. Occasionally you get a cycle that is just way out like mine last cycle, which was probably double in length to normal.

    Best of luck with your BT on Wednesday!

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    I think that the odds are still with you for being pregnant. Your temp should've well and truly dropped by now. Your temp is actually higher than mine is each morning and I'm pregnant.

    Vitex doesn't alter your temp at all. I was taking it for several months and my temp always dropped 24-48 hours before AF arrived except for once and even then it dropped the second day of AF.

    Some women do experience bleeds that resemble AF early in pregnancy so if I were you I'd be doing a HPT.

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    thanks ladies - but don't get me excited! I have been fooled before a few times, but that was nothing to do with my temperature, as I have only been charting the last 2 months - starting my 3rd now.

    Update - well, just thought I would take my temperature this afternoon - just to see what it was - it was 37.9 !!! I feel dizzy I must admit, but am I just wanting to be dizzy, so I am??

    My AF has been only a very light spotting this morning -very light, and nothing since. So that still makes a grand total of about 36 hours of AF - No, I have NEVER had one this short - normally I am 4-5 days.

    I really cannot handle this - I had already cried on Saturday when I saw some blood - I don't want to have false i just have to wait until Wednesday's BT.

    thanks ladies for listening and thanks for your thoughts - such a long, hard road.

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    Hope you get some good news soon.
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    thanks but I knew somehow that i did not feel pregnant and I was right.

    My temp has gone down to 36.5 this morning. I have no symptoms. Just goes to show me that anything is possible - I may have been dizzy but more likely because I am just plain tired. Still does not explain why I had AF for less than 2 days. I will speak to my nathopath about that, and why AFTER it was over, my temp when down.

    well we are on our own for a while now - no IVF until next Feb/March. We of course, like so many others on this forum hope that a miracle will happen, but god, it is often so hard to imagine being pregnant again and can make it harder knowing that it all happenned so easily the first time.

    Good luck to you all and thanks so much for your support. I will no doubt be popping in this section on charting again soon....

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