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    gail01 Guest

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    We have been TTC for three months and I have been temperature charting for 1 month so I am fairly certain that I ovulated on the 24 Feb 06.

    Can anyone tell me does a decrease in BBT 3DPO mean I am not pregnant?


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    in short... no.
    At 3dpo the embro hasn't even implanted in your uterus at 3dpo. It may, however indicate that you haven't ovulated... depending on how much of a decrease it is.

    HTH :)


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    gail01 Guest


    Thanks Tanya

    I have been using the Maybe Baby Ovulation Kit so based on the ferning patterns observed I am sure I ovulated on the 24th Feb. On the 25th and 26th Feb my temps went up by 0.2 ° C to 36.9°C and by the 27th Feb they decreased by 0.2°C degrees to 36.7°C.

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    jadacaph Guest


    Hi Gail,

    As Tanya mentioned, it's too early to rule yourself out of the game, besides a temp decline that minimal is nothing to worry about, it usually takes quite a nosedive when A/F is coming. When will you be POAS, around March 16th?? vibes for you my dear.


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    gail01 Guest


    Thanks Jac this 2 W W is a killer.

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