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    how important is it that you take your temp at the same time each day? i know it has to be after atleast 3 hours solid sleep and it always is but due to different shifts at work during the week i will wake up at different times which are within a couple hours of each other as well as on weekends or days i don't work i often sleep in... should i be setting my alarm and waking up to temp???

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    I'm not really too sure on that one, but I do notice occasionally on FF that one of the little questions that comes up on the top of the page is one about shift work, maybe if you go into the help section on FF and type in shift work it may be able to advise you on what you need to do.

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    hey noni, I think the main thing is that you take your temp after solid 3 hrs sleep. So it should be ok doing it the way you are. Hopefully someone that shift works will jump in here and explain how they do it

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    Hi Noni. I know exactly where you are coming from. I'm a nurse so I work shift work. I always set my alarm and took my temp at 6am except for night shift. On night shift I took my temp when I woke up and made a note of it on FF.

    Good luck.

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    thanks for all the help guys... i went on to ff like you suggested sharon19270 and this is what it said for those who are interested
    It is not impossible to take your BBT if you work shifts, but it will be more challenging. Take your temperature at the time you wake up when you are most likely to have had the most sleep. Be as consistent as you can. On your days off, take your temperature after you wake up as well, even if it is at a different time. Make a note on your chart of changes in your waking schedule. You may take your temperature in the afternoon before you go to work if that is your usual waking time and the time after which you are most likely to have had the most sleep. It is not useful to take your temperature when you are already awake and active.
    thankx again guys

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