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Thread: Temping - orally vs. vaginally

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Default Temping - orally vs. vaginally

    Ok... got a question for you temping gurus.
    I have been pondering temping vaginally this cycle because I've been told it's more reliable.
    Annnnyway... I've been temping orally during AF and then orally again this morning. Out of curiosity, I took my temp vaginally straight after. My temp was a good .2 degrees hotter. So it was 36.60 orally and 36.80 vaginally.
    Is that normal?
    If I switch to vaginal temps, should I remove my oral temps during AF? Will they stuff up the chart if I leave them?
    Hmm... maybe I should just stick to oral temps (have already cleaned my thermometer thoroughly, LOL).
    Thoughts anyone?

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    I know that it's normal for vaginal temps to be higher than oral temps, so nothing to be concerned about there.

    If you wanted to switch now, it may be an idea to remove the oral-AF temps, but as they are so early in the cycle, it really shouldn't mess up ovulation detection at all.


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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Ok... thanks BW... I might switch over then - just to see if I get more consistant temps. I'll keep my oral temps there but will remove them if FF has trouble finding a coverline or "O".

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    IM so glad to read that you cleaned everything! LOL
    I think it can be a personal thing, some people can get very accurate temps orally! Winter can prove to be a huge factor in changing temps if your in colder rooms etc hence why vaginally is said to be better by some people. I think as long as your consistent with your method see how you go.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Yeah... that makes me wonder whether I should bother switching. After all... last cycle FF pinpointed "O" and gave me a coverline so it's not like I have those issues. Maybe I'll just stick to orally..... just cos of the "ick" factor, LOL.

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    Hi Debbie
    I temp my first cycle orally and my second vaginally. I found that temps showed a much clearer O day when I temp vaginally. My first chart (orally) was all over the place and I didnt get a solid O day line on my first chart.
    Anyway you can have a look if you want.
    Hope that helps.

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    Debbie Lee Guest


    Thanks, Emma.
    By the looks of things it might be worth doing. I'll have a go next cycle (if I need to ).

    ETA: Just told DH... he is now referring to it as "Twat Temping" PMSL

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    I was considering changing to temping vaginally, which I think I will do if AF comes this month. LOL at your DH referring to it as "Twat Temping" so funny

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    Thanks Debbie for asking this question. I was curious as well. I have started temping vaginally and my temp durning mensis is 36.7 (which is my highest oral temp).

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